Learn how to use Newsgroups and Usenet!

1000's of people from around the world upload a variety of digital material to the binary Usenet every day .. learn how to obtain this material using the CanadianAlien tutorial.

If you have a high-speed DSL or cable internet connection you have access to a mind-boggling array of digital material from around the world.

This is not the world wide web. It is the "underground internet" often called the binary Usenet or Newsgroups. Only 5% of internet users know how to use the binary Usenet.

The CanadianAlien will teach you how to become one of these 5%. Start learning now! Go to the Quick Start or learn step by step starting at 1-Intro to Binary Usenet

1: Introduction to the Binary Usenet

2: Access Binary Usenet

3: View Binary Usenet

4: Download from Binary Usenet

5: Extract/UnRAR Binary Files

6: View, Play, Use Binary Files

7: Post to Binary Usenet

8: Diagram of Usenet File Flow for an overview of the entire file upload and download "cycle". It shows a hypothetical file going from the poster's computer to their news server, then to your computer.