7-Post to Usenet

Step 7 has only one section

See Figure 1 which is referred to throughout this tutorial.

Before you post anything, think about the fact that it will be in a newsgroup that will show up on every continent with a potential estimated audience of more than 3 million potential readers including all types of security people working for RIAA, MPAA and law enforcement agencies.

Check out the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) anti-piracy page to see what they might do to you if they catch you.

When you post you should most certainly use a pseudonym and don't put your email address on unless you want to invite spammers to fill your mail box with junk. Most of the popular Newsgroup Service Providers provide anonymous posting. That is another reason to pay for newsgroup access.

You should also note that aside from the anonymity desired when asking for reposts, Usenet newsgroups are regularly and comprehensively trolled by bots culling email addresses to add to spam lists which are bought and sold. So you should either use a dummy email address or mask it to avoid it being used by the spammers.

Here is a very detailed document called UseNet Posting For Dummies.PDF describing everything you wanted to know about posting to newsgroups written by Zipper.