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The CanadianAlien.com website shows you how to download digital content from binary usenet groups.

If you have a high-speed DSL or cable internet connection you have access to a mind-boggling array of digital material from around the world.

This is not the world wide web. It is the underground internet or as it is formally known, the binary Usenet. Usenet groups are called newsgroups. Only 5% of internet users know how to use the binary Usenet to get free digital material.

Some of the material in the binary usenet groups is copyrighted or are illegally copied and distributed. There are many arguments, pro and con, regarding the legality and ethical issues surrounding peer-to-peer trading of copyrighted material. Use your judgement and follow your sense of ethics and obey the law. There are lots of shareware, freeware and public domain material available in the binary usenet groups.

The status-quo regarding the use of copyrighted digital multimedia cannot be maintained given the amazing ability of the internet to circumvent restrictions, such as usenet distribution or peer-to-peer transfer of material. This makes it nearly impossible to effectively regulate these kinds of activities. Also, there is no reason why today's business model has to be tommorrow's model. Things change and smart people adapt. This means that not only business should adapt but the state should too and avoid trampling on the rights of people to use their lawfully purchased copyrighted material in reasonable ways.

Yes, people should be paid for their inventions and creativity. If the existing system was changed, then this could happen while allowing more flexible access to the material. In any regard, this is an evolving issue with lots of vigorous debate. Unfortunately, it appears that the what is happening is protection of entrenched interests and a stifling of new products and services.

Anyways, the people using the binary Usenet belong to an elite group.

  • Only about 3% of broadband customers are responsible for the bulk of traffic on their ISP's news servers.
  • Given that broadband internet access is only used by about 30% of residential customers in North America, less than 1% of residential customers are significant users of the binary Usenet.

One requires a relatively sophisticated level of knowledge and some technical proficiency with a computer to obtain and use the material from the binary Usenet.

It is not surprising then, that many technological advances have come from the binary Usenet community including advanced compression, file recovery and multimedia tools and procedures.

Read through the steps on this website to learn about the binary Usenet.


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The CanadianAlien site offers only instruction and advice on how to use the internet.

This site does not contain unlicensed software, multimedia or adult material. This site only offers information about using the Usenet to find and obtain these materials.

Once you have the information, you can decide for yourself if you want to use it.